Old World Interlock
Custom Interlocking Paving Stone Driveways
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Old World Cobble is an innovative and professional company that installs interlocking paving stone driveways, patios, walkways, and retaining walls, in addition to completing a variety of exterior stone work.  Old World can provide skilled assistance, whether you have an architectural drawing, need referrals to quality landscape architects, or you want to create a personalized patio or driveway.  We install custom borders and inlays with a beautiful result that is guaranteed.  Along with your free estimate, you will be provided with several ideas, resources, and referrals.  The possibilities are endless!  We employ ICPI certified installers, so each project is quality, high standard work.

Why should I hire an Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) certified installer?
Driveways and patios could possibly fail in 2 years or less if not installed by a knowledgeable ICPI certified installer.  The project may look good initially, but could show unacceptable changes by normal happenings, such as parking your car or weathering a winter storm.  Paver driveways and patios must have proper base compaction, which Old World can have tested by a local soil engineer.  Proper materials, such as Geo textile fabric, Class II base rock and C33 concrete sand, are used to prevent future migration of native soil and failure at the base.  These materials are approved and recommended by the ICPI.  In addition to the materials above, Old World utilizes mortar bond beam retention (the outside paver is wet set on a concrete footing that is as deep as the compacted base rock).  Old World can also offer specific sand that helps with weed control and sealers to enhance and protect the stone.   
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